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Seamlessly engage with local residents. Bridge the gap between construction projects and communities on one platform, elevating social value at every phase of your project.

What is SitePodium?

SitePodium is the premier community engagement app tailored for construction and infrastructure projects. By fostering two-way communication, our app empowers construction companies to connect seamlessly with local residents. This deepened interaction not only promotes transparency, trust, and collaboration, but also amplifies the social value of each project.

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Enhanced Community Trust

With the community informed and involved in all phases of the project, you build trust and respect and less likelihood of complaints.

Real-time Feedback & Insights

By enabling direct communication with local residents, SitePodium provides construction companies with instant feedback and the ability to respond in a timely manner which reduces confusion and nuisance in the community.

Amplified Social Value

By actively involving the community and promoting transparency, projects can achieve greater acceptance and positive recognition, adding value beyond just bricks and mortar.

How does SitePodium work?

We believe in transparent communication. By all means share the highlights of your project, but also be honest about hindrances and adversity. When you are honest with the community, you can build a solid foundation of support. 

Construction and infrastructure projects have a huge impact on someone’s life, so many people are prepared to download SitePodium and follow local projects.

The app is fully equipped to communicate transparently and measure support. It’s very community-focused, suitable for all age groups and respects privacy in all phases (eg. during consultation, planning, construction and post construction) of the project.

Share key project developments & Engage with your community

SitePodium is your practical app for efficient project communication. Easily upload and publish photos, videos, and documents to keep all stakeholders updated on the latest progress. This ensures everyone is on the same page and can visualize the advancements of the project. 

But it’s not just about broadcasting information; we believe in dialogue. SitePodium provides a direct line for local residents to the community manager. Got a question about the project’s next phase? Need to address a concern or simply offer a compliment? It’s all possible, in real-time, ensuring clear communication and timely responses.

Make your community engagement goals quantifiable

SitePodium pairs a user-friendly interface with a powerful content management system. Easily manage your projects and tap into essential analytics. View detailed statistics, create reports, and understand how your construction efforts compare to others. 

With this data at your fingertips, you’ll be empowered to make informed decisions, ensuring that your project meets and exceeds community expectations and standards.

Numbers that matter


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