Stakeholder Engagement in the Digital Age

13 June, 2024, 2:00 PM UK time (1:00 PM UTC)

Join us for a webinar that promises to debunk myths, tackle challenges, and equip you with a versatile digital toolbox to revolutionize your stakeholder engagement strategies.

This webinar is tailor-made for Stakeholder Engagement practitioners in the construction industry.

In an era where digital transformation is revolutionizing every sector, the field of stakeholder engagement is undergoing profound changes. Today’s stakeholder engagement practitioners and construction project managers face the dual challenge of navigating these digital shifts while ensuring effective, clear communication with all parties involved.

What you will learn

  •  Introduction: Setting the stage for a deep-dive into digital stakeholder engagement practices.
  • ✓ Myths around digital stakeholder engagement: Debunking common misconceptions including digital inclusivity challenges, the myth of needing verified contact details, concerns about negative feedback, and more.
  • ✓ Stakeholder engagement challenges: Addressing modern expectations for on-demand information, the limitations of traditional communication channels, and strategies to adapt to varying stakeholder preferences.
  • ✓ The stakeholder engagement toolbox: An exploration of both traditional and digital tools—including meetings, newsletters, websites, social media, and mobile apps—to formulate a multifaceted approach to stakeholder communication.
  • ✓ A winning stakeholder engagement communication strategy: Crafting effective, adaptable strategies to keep stakeholders informed, engaged, and responsive.
  • ✓ Case Study: A look at the Hope Valley Railway Upgrade, offering real-world insights into applying digital stakeholder engagement strategies successfully.

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Why you shouldn’t miss this

  • ✓ Expert Insights: Led by professionals with hands-on experience in digital stakeholder engagement.
  • ✓ Interactive Q&A: Get your questions answered in real-time.
  • ✓ Practical Solutions: Leave the webinar with actionable strategies and tools.
  • ✓ Community Building: Connect with peers facing similar challenges and opportunities.

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Learn from the expert himself

Lucas Wijntjes is passionate about the power of digital media to drive community engagement and transform customer experiences.

Having spent 10 years delivering digital marketing solutions for global organisations, Lucas played a key role in the international expansion of the Stakeholder Engagement platform SitePodium – an innovative mobile app that enables effective two-way conversations between the construction industry and local communities.

As an advocate for transparent stakeholder communication and effective community engagement, Lucas is dedicated to using digital technology to bring the construction industry closer to the local communities they serve.

In his spare time, Lucas enjoys outdoor sports including mountain biking, windsurfing and skiing.

Lucas Wijntjes

Head of Marketing, SitePodium